Why Should You Change Your Cracked Windshield?

should you repair or replace the cracked or chipped windshield? Drive with a chip or cracked windshield it is the most dangerous cause of accidents that are not safe for driver or passengers.

Regardless of the location you live, your windshield may hit by objects. There could be pea size rock falling from uncovered construction sites or trucks, and the occasional unknown debris kicked up by cars passing by your vehicle.

It’s amazing that windshields survive as long as they do but even windshields can resist and may crack or break, and even sometimes shattered.

Also leading vehicle’s tire doesn’t “toss” objects toward your vehicle, even though it seems it works that way. Instead, the car just throws it up in the air and you run into it at whatever speed you’re traveling plus the speed of the object. As we all learned from major tire company when the tire touches the pavement the relevant speed of the tread to the road is zero, so it can’t exert any rearward force to a rock.

Large and Small Repairs

Professional typically can repair smaller chips and cracks with less than $100, according to Auto Windshield Mobile Repair. Crack or chip can be safely repaired if its size is less than 6 inches. However, if the chip is not directly in the driver’s line of sight, more than three cracks or chips on the car glass, also if the damage is at the edge of the windshield, or the windshield is old and covered with tiny divots, it should be replaced rather than repaired.

By injecting a special resin into the chipped area, the chip can be repaired. To prevent cracks from spreading, the holes may be drilled at the ends of the crack. Windshields are made of three layers: A layer of resin or polymer are placed between two layers of glass. Drilling to, but not through, the plastic needs to be done by professional and experts.

Repair if possible and logical. Replace if you must. And consider using a professional for best results and your safety.

We think if the windshield is possible to repair, do it immediately. A small chip can spread across the windshield if you hit a big pothole, drive on a corrugated gravel road or make an aggressive turn. If you’re on the road away from home, a repair company can typically come to you.

If your windshield is severely pitted from sand, salt or other objects, replacing rather than repairing can be like getting a stronger eyeglass prescription, especially at night — it can improve visibility and make it easier to see while driving. Replacing opaque headlight covers can have a similar effect.

DIY Repair

Never put yourself at risk of unsafe DIY repair. You may also intent to repair the chip or crack yourself. There are many DIY Repair kits available at your local auto parts store, and they typically attempt to replicate the resin injection technique of the professionals. The difference, of course, is due to the quality of the tools and materials, and training and expertise of the person administering the repair. Because these kits may not perfectly replicate a professional repair, you might want to consider using these kits on chips that are located in an inconspicuous area, like the bottom right corner of the passenger side.

Remember, a key function of the repair is to prevent the crack or chip from expanding or spreading, and also to help restore some of the structural integrity of the glass. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the DIY repair process, consider hiring a professional from Ryan Automotive inc.


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